Cabinet is today expected to sign off on a windfall tax for electricity companies.

The plan would see fossil fuel-producing energy companies paying a ‘solidarity contribution’ to the Exchequer.

It will also put a cap on revenues generated by energy companies that do not use gas.

The package is expected to raise anything between €400m and €1bn for the Exchequer.

It means renewable energy companies could see their market revenues capped at €120 per megawatt hour – with the rest paid into the Exchequer for as long as the cap remains in place.

Meanwhile, companies actively involved in the production of fossil fuels will see a proportion of their taxable profits paid in a solidarity contribution.

Both measures would be temporary, with full details to be announced later today.


Cabinet will also be asked to approve a major policing and reform bill, based on recommendations from the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland.

Community safety is at the centre of the bill, with the measures recognising that responsibility can’t rest with An Garda Síochána alone.

It will see local communities will work in tandem with State organisations to draw up plans to improve community safety in their areas.

The Bill will also strengthen and consolidate independent, external oversight of An Garda Síochána and national security.


Cabinet will also approve a draft scheme to grant maternity leave to local authority councillors.

Councillors are deemed ‘office-holders’ and not ’employees’ and as result are not eligible for maternity hospitals.

The new scheme is due to offer the choice to appoint a temporary substitute in the place of a councillor if they choose to take maternity or illness-related leave.

An allowance for admin support, like those available to female TDs and senators, is also set to be introduced.