Wind energy provided nearly half of Ireland’s electricity last month, according to Gas Networks Ireland.

The utility said wind provided nearly three-quarters of the country’s usage at times during October, although there were also days when it provided less than 1%.

In all wind, provided 45% of the total electricity demand – up 95% on the month before.

Gas generated 39%, with coal providing 7%.

Gas Network Ireland energy supply. Gas Network Ireland energy supply.

“In the two months of October and February this year, wind energy was largest energy source of electricity generation in Ireland,” said Gas Networks Ireland spokesman Brian Mullins.

“In the other eight months of the year it was gas. Collectively, gas and wind have consistently delivered over 80% of Ireland’s electricity supplies this year.”

He said it was not surprising to see wind generating the lions share last month with strong winds blowing regularly.

“Gas continues to be the ideal partner for weather dependant renewables,” he said.

“Being able to harness wind energy when it is available and back it up with the flexibility and reliability of gas when renewables are not available, provides a secure and complete energy system for the people of Ireland.”

October was a very mild month with gas usage down 4% on September and 2% on October 2021.

The fall in temperatures between August and September saw big increases in gas usage across all sectors:

  • Education – up 106%
  • residential – up 96%
  • Air travel – up 72%
  • Hospitals – up 47%
  • Offices – up 43%)

GNI said it does not expect any disruption to gas supply this winter despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The utility said Ireland has enough gas supply and network capacity to meet demand – even if we get an extremely cold spell.

Around 21% of Ireland natural gas needs will be supplied form the Corrib gas field this winter.