• Latina writer opens up about her abortion journey in new memoir

    03: 14

  • New Harvard University study shows some Jan. 6th rioters had revolution, civil war, and secession on their minds

    01: 51

  • GOP lawmakers ramp up attacks against LGBTQ+ Americans as the U.S. House votes to protect marriage equality

    02: 48

  • Biden economic advisor details steps being taken to fight inflation

    05: 58

  • Minnesota Republican suggest abortion rights advocates are playing ‘the rape card’

    02: 34

  • New memoir ‘Illegally Yours’ details the fears of living undocumented in America

    05: 08

  • Texas moms form new group to vote Governor Greg Abbott out of office

    03: 35

  • Jan. 6 committee lays out breadcrumbs for Justice Department

    03: 08

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    Why the Justice Dept. is holding off on charging Trump

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    Secret Service driver hires Trump-world lawyer

    03: 06

  • The World Health Organization Declares Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency

    02: 02

  • Republican lawmakers split on same-sex marriage despite overwhelming support among voters

    03: 48

  • Congresswoman Sara Jacobs shares personal story as Congress fights to protect access to contraception

    03: 23

  • Far-right extremists attack librarians as part of a push to establish an authoritarian America

    01: 26

  • Texas Congresswoman on life after Roe: ‘There’s just chaos and confusion on the ground’

    04: 29

  • ‘Systemic failures, that was an understatement’: Texas State Rep. Gutierrez reacts to new Uvalde report

    04: 39

  • Texas GOP leaders take action on everything but the power grid

    02: 00

  • Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress trial set to begin

    04: 28

  • Jan. 6 expects to get Secret Service texts by Tuesday as the panel prepares for final summer hearing

    05: 32

  • ‘The key job of the leader is to make decisions’: Police failures plagued Uvalde school shooting

    03: 39