The Duke of Edinburgh spoke to his lawyers about suing Netflix over the portrayal of his sister’s death in The Crown.

The Sunday Times reports that Prince Philip consulted Farrer & Co, the law firm that has advised the royal family for nearly a century, after the series featured a plotline about the death of his older sister.

The plot features in the penultimate episode of the second series, without a fictional disclaimer, as is the case with all episodes of the show.

It includes imagined scenes whereby Princess Cecilie dies in a plane crash after the late Duke of Edinburgh was unable to travel to her in Germany.

Prince Philip passed away in April of last year.


The Duke of Edinburgh believed that the episode wrongly implied that he was blamed for her death.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers said he ‘knows’ Prince Philip consulted the family’s legal team.

The U.S. Sun reported at the time the episode aired that the Queen’s husband was “terribly upset” about what he deemed to be a “malicious” portrayal.

The newest season of The Crown dropped on Netflix on November 9th. Its fifth season, the show has proved incredibly popular among monarchists and royal suspects alike.

Every two seasons, an entirely new cast takes over the roles, to reflect changing times and the long timeline the show covers.

Matt Smith as Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) in The Crown (2017) Morgan

Credit: LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy