The price of petrol has dropped slightly, the latest survey for AA Ireland has revealed. 

Motorists have endured a torrid few months with the price of fuel soaring and fuel prices peaked in at 213.2 centrs for a litre of petrol and 205 for diesel in June. However, July saw prices creep down to 200 cents for petrol and 201.8 for diesel. 

“We are seeing a reduction in prices across the country,” Paddy Comyn from AA Ireland told Newstalk. 

“Our most recent fuel price survey has seen that petrol is now on average just over €2 a litre but in many parts of the south of the country – especially down south in Cork, it’s much less than that.

“It would appear that in some parts of the country retailers are selling petrol and diesel at little or no profit to attract customers in.” 

A man filling his car at a petrol pump at a Q Miles station in Dublin. A man filling his car at a petrol pump at a Q Miles station in Dublin, 02-10-2021. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

Following Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, countries across the world tried to reduce their reliance on Russian fossil fuels.

As a result, global prices surged and Mr Comyn said there is no way the industry can predict what will happen in the long-term: 

“We don’t have a great crystal ball for these things,” he continued. 

“Things did look like they were getting very, very bad about four to five weeks ago but thankfully the predictions of it reaching as much as €2.50 a litre haven’t materialised for now. 

“So if anything we can look forward to perhaps a few weeks of stability.” 

Apple Green garage forecourt activity in County Kildare. Apple Green garage forecourt activity in County Kildare, 05-03-20222. Image: Eamonn Farrell/

Government intervention?

Motorists can perhaps look forward to more help from the Government in the autumn; earlier this month a group of Fine Gael TDs have demanded that this year’s budget gives “people a real, real cut in excise [duty]”. 

While TD Cathal Crowe of Fianna Fáil urged the Government to consider “the whole realm of car taxation, NCT test fees”.

Main image: Woman Filling a Car with Unleaded Petrol.