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    Joy Reid: Musk facilitated return of fascist trolls to ‘fix’ Twitter in name of ‘free speech’

    07: 02


    Legal expert: Mar-a-Lago docs possession is open and shut case that doesn’t need special counsel

    10: 27

  • Kurt Bardella on House GOP: We know Kevin McCarthy cannot control these people

    08: 12

  • Rep. Dean: Speaker Pelosi did this job better than anybody else

    11: 13

  • Jolly: ‘Weak-kneed’ McConnell, McCarthy to blame for midterms losses not Trump

    11: 54

  • Rep. Jayapal: We have to be the proposition party not just the opposition party

    07: 55

  • Joy Reid: McCarthy’s presence in upper management of House GOP has never been profile in courage

    11: 25

  • ‘Dramatic contrast in quality, competence, preparedness’ in Warnock over Walker Sen. Ossoff says

    07: 30

  • Michelle Goldberg: There’ve been consequences for GOP cackling at Pelosi’s husband’s assault

    11: 11

  • Sen. Murphy: It makes a difference to have a 51 vs. 50 seat Democratic majority

    06: 40

  • Tom Nichols: Voters didn’t overthrow constitutional order because gas is expensive

    05: 09

  • Jaime Harrison on Lindsey Graham: He is a bit unhinged

    04: 58

  • Angela Bassett co-star of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ remembers Chadwick Boseman

    08: 37

  • Tim Miller: Will Republicans take this losing moment to break with Trump?

    08: 05

  • David Hogg: Democrats won’t win in 2024 unless they listen to young people

    11: 56

  • Joy Reid: Florida kids probably can’t learn about nation’s first lesbian governor

    01: 33

  • Joy Reid: Republicans who’ve given in to fascist elements are trying to nuke democracy

    10: 37

  • Stacey Abrams: ‘Brian Kemp is an exceptional voter suppressor’

    07: 15

  • Michael Moore on Oprah endorsing Fetterman, shocking statements by Dr. Oz on healthcare

    09: 45

  • Midterms candidates Chris Jones in Arkansas, Charles Booker in Kentucky have impressive ground game

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