Comedian Jarlath Regan says he’s moving back home to Ireland next week.

The host of ‘An Irishman Abroad’ podcast has lived in Britain since 2013.

But he told The Anton Savage Show: “I am actually moving back to Ireland next week.

“I will split my time between London and Dublin each week, doing shows back and forth.

“But we really wanted our son, Michael, to go to secondary school in Ireland.

“Secondary school in Ireland is just the best in the world.

“I’ll be less of an Irishman abroad, but the show will continue”.

He says they’ll probably be living just outside the capital.

“I’ll be up towards Meath – that kind of direction – that’s where Tina’s family are.

“That’s where Mikey’s cousins and his best friends are.

“We spent quite a bit of time coming back and forth to Ireland – probably every holiday we went back to Ireland so that he’d be ready for this transition.

“It’s a lot for anyone, and it’s a lot for any kid.

“There’s a certain anxiety around it – but maybe that’s going to form a lot of the conversations on Irishman Abroad from here on.

“Part of the Irish experience abroad is either dying to come home, or actually coming home.

“And what is this Ireland that we’re coming back to? It’s certainly not the Ireland I left in 2013”.

Irish crowds ‘turned on to messing’

Jarlath says there is something special about Irish crowds.

“Audiences do change, there is a certain thing that is ‘funny is funny’ – it doesn’t matter where you go.

“The stuff that you talk about that is uniquely Irish, weirdly, has a resonance over here or in America.

“But there is something about the Irish crowds where they’re kind of turned on to messing in a way that other crowds aren’t.

“There’s just this sense of divilment that’s there: they know what they’re signing up for in that sense.

“And in some ways, I find with the Irish audience, they want more spontaneity than a British crowd – which might be like ‘Just get to the jokes, mate’.

“They do love audience interaction, but Irish crowds love when it goes awry.

“They definitely nearly prefer when you go off-script, or if something mad happens that’s unique to that moment”.

Main image: Irish comedian Jarlath Regan at Black 47 special gala screening at the Odeon Covent Garden in London, England in September 2018. Picture by: ©Alpha Press/Alpha Photo/Alamy Stock Photo