One Fine Gael TD believes a debate on Irish unity has to move ‘from aspirational to achievable’.

Neale Richmond, the party’s European affairs spokesperson, says his party should map out their vision for a united Ireland now.

The Dublin-Rathdown TD has proposed a detailed engagement within the party ahead of its Ard Fheis in November.

“I very much aspire to Irish unity, and I think Brexit has made it alot more likely that we’re going to have to ask that question quite soon,” he says.

“But in order to ask that question, we need to give people rock solid opinions of what Irish unity actually looks like.”

He says we need to avoid mistakes seen in Britain during the Brexit campaign.

“I think we could be looking at a border poll in the next decade; and unlike Brexit, I think we need to be prepared.

“We need to be prepared at an Oireachtas level and an all-island level.

“But each political party, and everyone who aspires to Irish unity, has to lay out what they think that should look like.

“We need to do the work now, so we learn the mistakes from Brexit”.

And he says everything should be up for discussion.

“Everything should be on the table, from identity to economics, from our healthcare system to our role in the world, from policing to education and beyond.”

A Young Fine Gael poll this week has revealed that 84% of members are in favour of unity.

Deputy Richmond will speak later at the Garret Fitzgerald Summer School in Dublin.

Additional reporting: Lynsey Dolan

Main image: Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond speaking to media outside Leinster House in February 2020. Picture by: Photo: Sam Boal/