The San Fernando General Hospital.
The San Fernando General Hospital.

Four men were injured in a car crash on the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension in Debe early Saturday.

The police said the injured men live in Trincity.

Police said the men were in a Suzuki car which crashed into the concrete barriers at the end of the highway at Gandhi Village shortly after 4 am. They were said to be on their way to a party in Debe.

Ambulances took the injured to the San Fernando General Hospital where they were treated for multiple injuries.

There have been several accidents in this area, including fatalities.

Activist Edward Moodie visited the accident scene on Saturday and called on the authorities to install flashing amber lights and cut strips along the road (grooved patterns) before the roundabout at the end of the highway to warn drivers to slow down.

“Even if drivers are sleeping away, they would be awakened because of the vibration from the strips. The strips would cause drivers to stop without crashing into the barriers,” Moodie said.