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  •  #VelshiBannedBookClub: ‘Brown Girl Dreaming’ with Jacqueline Woodson

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    “Everyone is scared”: The harsh reality of being an OB/GYN in Post-Roe America

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     The Post-Roe era means pregnant people “can’t get the standard of care they need”

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  • House hearings show Jan. 6 was ‘plotted, planned, organized’

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  • Rep. Annie Kuster: ‘We thought we were going to die’ on January 6th

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  • State Department confirms deaths of 2 Americans fighting in Ukraine

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  • Fear and ambiguity of post-Roe laws are causing doctors to turn away patients

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  • “I Don’t Want to Forget What Happened,” Says Father of Teen Killed In Parkland Shooting  

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  • Rep. Ilhan Omar: “We have to be willing to take stances even if they are difficult”

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  • Every Doctor needs a lawyer: “Do they have to be dying in front of me?”

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  • Olivia Troye: “It was a culture of fear in the White House”

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  • DOJ seeking domestic terror sentencing enhancement for Jan. 6 rioter

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  • “The picture of the fist-bump is going to haunt President Biden for years” 

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  • Legal Historian: The anti-abortion movement isn’t done dragging America to a darker place

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  • Northup: Abortion crisis will “continue to unfurl” unless more steps are taken to mitigate

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  • Journalist who aired Uvalde security tape: ‘We had a duty to the public’

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  • Ukrainian MP in DC demanding Russian money to pay for Putin’s crimes, not U.S. taxpayers

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  • #VelshiBannedBookClub: ‘Out of Darkness’ with Ashley Hope Pérez

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  • Mary Trump: Even Donald Trump “can’t help but notice” all the evidence piling up against him

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  • ‘The phone is a look into your soul’: How prosecutors can use your abortion web searches against you

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In Ohio, where a near-total, six-week ban has been in effect for a month, doctors have already been faced with difficult medical decisions being complicated by the legal risks that they’re now exposed to because of the state’s abortion ban. “Everyone’s scared of the legal ramifications and what’s going to happen to them,” says Dr. Melissa March, an OB/GYN and doctor of maternal and fetal medicine based in Cleveland. She described some of the cases she and others in her field have seen in the past month: a woman with a ruptured membrane and an infection in her uterus whose care was delayed by a legal consultation; a patient with an ectopic pregnancy who had to be life-flighted to another state for treatment; pregnant people with fetal abnormalities who weren’t able to travel out of state for abortion care. “Sometimes that care is delayed and sometimes that care may not occur,” Dr. March says.