Charles Gregor IPO expert, also made his assumptions about the coming changes in the whole world and Russia. As the entire civilized world is talking about the war in Ukraine. Experts in law, economics, and finance are making their predictions. 

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a “special operation” in the Donbas following a request from the DPR and LPR groups. According to him, the occupation of Ukrainian lands was not part of his plans. However, as early as 5 am., Russian troops began a direct a full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory. The first explosions occurred in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Donbas.

Since the invasion, the aggressor country has violated every possible rule of war and committed terrible war crimes. In addition, the authorities of the Russian Federation are waging an information war and using propaganda.

Today, the whole world is protesting against Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, including through sanctions. Even traditionally neutral countries, such as Switzerland, South Korea, and Singapore, have decided to inflict damage on the Russian economy, in order to help the end of the war. The states that imposed sanctions against Russia hit this country’s foreign exchange reserves, banks, and imports.

The restrictions against the Russian Federation also have an impact on the world economy and financial markets. They lead to significant consequences for other countries as well. As the world economy began to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new crisis threatens to derail all this progress.

Charles Gregor, a specialist in the field of initial public offerings, expressed his opinion on the consequences of the current situation on the IPO. He predicts that stock markets will experience a global shock due to the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine.

Prospects for Russia in the economy

Citizens of the Russian Federation are already beginning to feel the effects of sanctions on themselves and their wallets. According to Charles Gregor, a leading IPO specialist and senior advisor to Goldman Sachs, the global effect will manifest itself in the next two to six months. While it could take decades to restore the country to its former state, depending on who will be the head of state.

Charles Gregor also believes that only after Vladimir Putin will be removed from office by popular vote, Russia will be able to begin restoring its economy and reputation. The expert added that if the current Russian president remains in charge, the sanctions will bring back the country to the Stone Age.

The Russian head of state does not care much about sanctions and pressure from the West. However, they are a complete disaster for the citizens of the country. Unemployment, skyrocketing prices, food shortages, and complete isolation from the outside world await Russians if they support the Kremlin regime. The only option for them today is to oust the president and do whatever it takes to end the war.

Market IPO in Russia and Belarus

IPO is an initial public offering. Companies need to go through this procedure in order to successfully trade securities on the stock market. Before the stocks are publicly traded, they are distributed to a certain circle of investors. This is done by a specially hired professional, such as Charles Gregor, IPO. Investors can buy stocks before they hit the stock market and then manage them or sell them at a profit. An IPO is a risky but most profitable way to sell stocks and invest in securities.

Since the Russian Federation has started a war and its armed forces continue to shell cities and civilians, the number of sanctions continues to grow. Specifically, they concern:

  • foreign currency reserves;
  • banks;
  • imports.

Sanctions against Russia also have an impact on the global economy and financial markets.

What will happen to the stock market and IPOs? According to Charles Gregor, the situation will change only for Russia and Belarus. The well-known expert in the field of first public offerings said that Russian companies and investors weren’t hurrying to enter the IPO market. They are not going to do it at all after the invasion of Ukraine. This segment of the stock market will close for these countries without even opening. As for the rest of the world, Charles Gregor says it will be business as usual.

The main purpose of the IPO is to raise additional capital, which is used to implement the long-term goals and objectives of the company’s development. The initial public offering raises the status of the company and at the same time it demonstrates the transparency of its actions to potential investors through long-term inspections and inclusion in the quotation lists of the world stock exchanges. An IPO has also proven to be the most effective investment tool. For companies and investors in Ukraine, IPO is a chance to show themselves to the world. When Ukrainian companies enter this market, it will improve the macroeconomic situation in many sectors and create a healthy competitiveness. Well, for Russia and Belarus this way of development is no longer relevant.

What will happen to the Russian Ruble?

After Russian troops invaded Ukraine, the whole world began to impose sanctions against the Russian Federation. Most Western countries created a number of restrictions on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and blocked international reserves, which were used to preserve the ruble. The Central Bank is trying to find new sources of support for the national currency. For example, exporters. However, the exchange rate cannot be held in this way. The Russian ruble is falling and breaking new records amid the war in Ukraine.

Despite the aggressor country’s propaganda, affirming that the situation is completely under control, Russians are already feeling the financial isolation. A complete catastrophe, according to Charles Gregor, awaits Russia and its citizens in the next two to six months. The Russian Federation is steadily turning into a second North Korea.

Charles Gregor, an IPO specialist formerly with Goldman Sachs, explained that the ruble would soon collapse to all-time lows. It will stay that way as long as Putin controls Russia. According to Gregor, all other world currencies will jump to record highs against the ruble. The expert also said that the U.S. dollar, gold and cryptocurrency will be used as short-term safe havens for investors and billionaires.

Today, Russians have only one option: to oust President Putin by popular vote or some other method and end the war. The sooner this happens, the sooner the country can get on the road to restoring its economy and reputation in the world.

Investing in Green Energy

As previously stated, on February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine, calling it a “special military operation”. Russian troops carried out a land, sea, and air invasion, shelling Ukrainian cities.

The war initiated by the Russian Federation would have irreparable consequences for the entire world. Not only Russia and Ukraine, but the entire civilized society will suffer. Problems are looming in the economy, finance, production, and social life. Task No. 1 today is to stop the war crimes being committed by Russian troops under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.

Charles Gregor, an IPO specialist, believes that now is the right time to switch to green energy in Europe and around the world. The specialist urges to start investing in this field in order to stop Russia’s power over the world because of oil. The environmentally friendly energy production will get rid of the dictatorship of the Russian Federation and further isolate the aggressor country from the world.

In addition, green energy is an obvious step into the future. With its help, it is possible to overcome the problems of resource shortages, pollution of the planet by products of mineral processing, global warming and many other difficulties. Less globally, alternative energy can provide homes, small businesses, or even large enterprises with clean, cheap energy for many years to come. Most importantly, with its help, it will be possible to stop the Kremlin’s pressure on civilized society.

Charles Gregor, an IPO specialist, is currently working on Green Energy projects for initial public offerings on the stock exchanges in New York and Toronto. He is also developing IPOs for green energy investments in many market sectors in Europe and Asia.