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Make agricultural land part of development agenda

Business Yvonne Webb 14 Hrs Ago A healthy crop of plantains at Clatroo Trace, Plum Mitan. - File photo TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce president Charles Pashley has embraced the push for a regional approach to agriculture with a plea to TT to protect the land space set aside for this purpose. He observed

Ramlal gives TT slight edge over Guyana in Rising Stars Under-19s

Sports Jelani Beckles 14 Hrs Ago File photo by Sureash Cholai. A FOUR-WICKET haul by Nick Ramlal gave Trinidad and Tobago the edge against Guyana at the end of day one in their three-day first round match, in the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Rising Stars Under-19 tournament at Park Hill, St Vincent, on Wednesday. Guyana

Seagull 'forces Dublin woman out of home for weeks'

One Dublin councillor says something needs to be done about seagulls, after a woman had to leave her home. The birds are being seen more around the city as a result of more rubbish in the streets. Councillor Keith Connolly told The Hard Shoulder things are getting worse. "This issues around litter, picking at bags

Monkeypox: Cases in Ireland pass 100, HPSC says

The number of monkeypox cases in Ireland has passed 100. Latest data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) show it has been notified of 101 confirmed cases here. It says the vast majority of these are not linked to travel to a country where the virus is endemic. Many countries have also reported the

Psychiatrist 'shocked' HSE to keep sending children to Tavistock

One psychiatrist says he is 'shocked' that the HSE is to keep sending Irish children to the Tavistock clinic in the UK. The facility provides psychological assessment and support for children with gender identity issues. This comes despite a UK review finding the clinic was leaving young people 'at considerable risk', while the British health

Contracted electricity generators 'just didn't show up', ESRI says

The ESRI says electricity generators that were ordered simply haven't shown up. Muireann Lynch, senior research officer, was speaking after Eirgrid issued a system alert. It says while there is enough electricity to meet demand, there's possibly not enough in reserve if something goes wrong. It says the buffer between demand and supply is currently

Uri Geller warns Putin: I'll use my mind to send your nukes right back to you

Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller has warned Vladimir Putin that he will use his Mind Power to send his missiles right back to him if Russia tries to nuke Scotland. Speaking to Stefanie Preissner on Moncrieff this afternoon, the Israeli illusionist said he was concerned that Putin would launch a nuclear attack on Scotland because it

Jereem awarded for breaking 200m Commonwealth record

Sports Jelani Beckles 3 Hrs Ago In this screengrab from a video posted to TT track and field athlete Jereem Richards' Facebook page, Richards poses with the commemorative timepiece and certificate he received for breaking the men’s 200-metre games record at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Trinidad and Tobago track and field athlete Jereem Richards

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World javelin champ thrown overboard from Harbour Master in Grenada

News Stephon Nicholas 7 Hrs Ago Anderson Peters Reigning World javelin champion Anderson Peters was beaten and thrown overboard from the Harbour Master during a boatride in Grenada on Wednesday night. The Grenadian recently returned home to a grand welcome after also claiming silver at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England. Grenada is also celebrating

Cascade entrepreneur grows Crisp organic herbs with hydroponics

Business vishannap 14 Hrs Ago Christian Young Sing alongside basil and mint plant at his hydroponic facility in Cascade. - Photo by Sureash Cholai VISHANNA PHAGOO The Young Sing family is known for the mass manufacturing of fixtures for every room of people's homes and have been in that business since 1973. Christian Young Sing

Southex shows how to tap into agriculture

Business Yvonne Webb 14 Hrs Ago A field of pimento peppers in Wallerfield. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB - ROGER JACOB AS food and food security become the centre of global deliberations, local entrepreneurs interested in agriculture are being encouraged to tap into the opportunities now. Extending the invitation, Southex Promotions CEO George Singh sold the