• Jurors award Sandy Hook parents $4M

    04: 06

  • Whelan detained ‘8 hours’ from Moscow, impeding ‘consular support’ from U.S. embassy, says brother

    10: 52

  • ​​WNBPA Exec. Director: ‘Hopeful’ Griner will be detained in Moscow ‘where her team can get to her’

    04: 06

  • Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in Russian prison on drug charges

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    Biden administration will work to bring Brittney Griner home after being sentenced to nine years in Russian prison

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    Former Marine Trevor Reed who spent three years imprisoned in Russia says there is no justice there

    06: 24

  • Trump sides with Russia, calls Brittney Griner ‘spoiled’

    05: 15

  • Ukrainians step up counteroffensive to retake Kherson

    05: 54

  • Russia deal could mean freedom for Griner

    08: 19

  • Rev. Sharpton weighs in on US prisoner swap offer: ‘It’s very important to get these Americans out’

    05: 39

  • WNBPA Exec. Director: ‘We’re supporting any and everything’ to bring Griner and other detainees home

    01: 53

  • McFaul: Viktor Bout is a bad guy, but swap for Griner, Whelan serves U.S. interests

    05: 47

  • Blinken: ‘Substantial proposal’ made to Russia for release of Britney Griner and Paul Whelan

    02: 53

  • Rick Stengel: A ‘steeper’ sentence for Griner could up her ‘bargaining chip’ value for Russia

    06: 09

  • Brittney Griner appears in court

    11: 10

  • Amb. McFaul: ‘Not optimistic’ that Griner will receive a lenient sentencing. ‘I fear for the worst.’

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  • Poland’s Former Foreign Minister: ‘If Putin conquers Ukraine, he’ll come for us next.’

    08: 06

  • Russia says it will quit International Space Station after 2024

    01: 45

  • Strzok: ‘Triple Russian threat’ at ‘unhinged’ Trump WH meeting

    06: 26

  • CIA Director Burns ‘wouldn’t underestimate President Xi’s determination’ to control Taiwan

    05: 55