The three-year-old boy who was bitten by a dog on Monday at his home is on the mend at hospital.

Jalil’s mother, Cassyann Dass, said he had surgery on both sides of his face late on Tuesday at the San Fernando General Hospital.

“It took two hours and about 15 minutes. I saw when the doctors cleaned his wounds, and they did a great job.

“Right now, Jalil is running and playing in the corridors. I feel he might be discharged by the weekend,” Dass told Newsday on Wednesday. “Jalil is doing well, much better than yesterday.”

Dass said the doctors have to monitor him further before giving him the green light to go home.

“When we return home, we will be inside the house. I have all that I need inside.

Dass, 32, lives with her two children and husband at Mussarap Trace, off GP Road, in Barrackpore.

On Monday at around 2.20 pm, Dass heard Jalil bawling in the gallery while she was inside the house with her one-year-old son.

She ran to find Jalil, who weighs about 30 pounds, and saw a dog standing over him. Dass estimated the dog weighed about 200 pounds. Its mouth was over the child’s jaw.

Dass said she jump-kicked the dog in the mouth and hit it with nearby shoes.

As soon as the dog let go of the child, she picked him up as well as her other son, and ran with them toward a neighbour’s home for help.

Had she not responded as quickly as she did, she said, the attack could have been more severe or even fatal.

She pictured several other scenarios.

“If I was in the hammock, the dog could have grabbed me from behind. So many things could have happened.”

After the attack, tneighbours said the dog was seen roaming in the area and tried to attack a man. The dog began growling and walking toward the man, who took a cutlass and chopped its tail.

From what Dass and the police were told, the dog is an Akita mixed with a pothound and belongs to a businessman.

The police have taken a statement from the businessman.

The police also confirmed that the dog had a wound to its tail and that it “was secured.”

Barrackpore police are continuing investigations.