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Monthly Archives: May, 2022

Why males are set to struggle with the GOP’s newest act of barbarism

Just as reproductive rights activists predicted, the Supreme Court is on its way to overturning Roe v. Wade. The move will have undeniably devastating consequences for women, especially poor and Black women. But make no mistake, even people who don’t get pregnant will suffer once Roe is struck down.Overturning Roe wouldn’t only threaten men’s ability…

Households still waiting months for passports

Travellers are still missing holidays because of a huge backlog of applications for Irish passports.  Around 170,000 people are currently waiting for new passports to be issued and the wait is particularly long for first time applications.  Speaking to The Hard Shoulder, on young mother said her daughter has been waiting months for a passport: …

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Severed head found near highway in Maloney

News Shane Superville 9 Hrs Ago File photo - Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II are trying to identify a man whose severed head was found near the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway on Thursday morning. Police said Maloney police received a report of a man's head being found in a drain parallel to the

Holy Faith Sisters launch first book

Features Newsday Reporter 11 Hrs Ago Sisters of Holy Faith Convent in March 2022. Photo: Alison Punch - The Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Faith (CHF) will launch their first book, Presence & Action, on November 26 at 11 am in Couva. This year the CHF Sisters will mark the 75th anniversary of

KC Confectionery, leading the way on SDGs

Business Ryan Hamilton-Davis 17 Hrs Ago An employee in PPE gear sorts candy at KC Confectionery's headquarters at Southern Main Road, Couva. - ANGELO MARCELLE In one way or another, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were always topics of concern and consideration for many organisations. But it wasn't until September 2015 that these issues